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Connellsville Area Middle School

Lissa Ladowitz » Homework Policy

Homework Policy

Daily assignments are posted on the board each day. It will be the responsibility of the student to copy his/her assignments down at the end of each class (time will be given for this). Any work not completed at school should be completed at home and returned to school the next day. There is a greater expectation for homework in sixth grade. We will try to be appropriately lenient earlier in the year, and become more strict as the year progresses.

We expect homework to be:

*Neat and turned in on time

*Completed in pencil unless otherwise assigned

*Completed by the student. At this grade level, it is appropriate for parents to help and double check work, but NOT to do work for the student.

*Double-checked - This will be stressed in class. Please help your child develop this skill. Double checking work does not mean just looking over work, but rereading every question and checking to see if the answers are correct.

If you chose not to turn homework in on time, the following may occur:

*A detention will be assigned after 3 incomplete homework assignments.

*Phone calls home to parents

*A conference will be set up to discuss the problem at hand.

Show your child that school is important by doing the following things:

*Help your child feel good about doing homework (try to keep a positive attitude).

*Establish homework as a top priority for your child.

*Make sure your child has a quiet place to do homework.

*Set a routine for doing homework.

*Do not let your child "get out" of doing homework.

*Contact me if your child is struggling with homework or if the amount of homework seems too great.